Improving Math Literacy

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Welcome to our tec-inquiry project! I am working on this project with one of my classmates Sam Fry so these posts can also be found over on her blog.  Over the next two months, we will be making weekly blog … Continued

Embroidery chronicles

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Last week I went to Jessica L’s house and she helped me learn how to complete a few stitches. She showed me where I was going wrong and how I can improve further on the stitches I already knew how … Continued

Class Response 3

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This week’s class for me was one of the most interesting so far. I am not the most tech-savvy person and so sometimes I get lost trying to figure out different platforms or applications however I understand the importance of … Continued

Ukulele Blogs!

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I went into this musical inquiry project overwhelmed with the idea of learning an instrument. I thought in music class we would all learn together how to play an instrument so self-teaching seemed stressful. Since the first time I picked … Continued